General Purpose Crimp Tool - Comp. to TE 46447

The GMT1006 Hand Crimp Tool terminates uninsulated, nickel-plated, copper terminals and uninsulated, nickel terminals sizes 10 to 22 AWG. The GMT1006 is gaged with the G327 (22-16 cavity), G328 (16-14 cavity), and G329 (12-10 cavity) GO/NO GO gages.


The GMT1006 is comparable to TE Connectivity’s 46447 hand tool for STRATO-THERM Uninsulated Terminals, Non-insulation support Ring Tongue Terminals.


Pneumatic & Battery tool versions are available for the GMT1006 tool.

More Information
Crimp ApplicationsUninsulated Terminals
Crimp Tool TypeGMT/PMT Tools
Power TypeManual
Shipping Weight1
Envelope Drawing (58.28 kB)
Sales Literature (892.49 kB)
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