Precision Electrical Termination Certification Overview

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation® partnered with NC3 has developed the Precision Electrical Termination Certification (PETC) to satisfy the high demand for skilled technicians. Electrical performance requires technicians to adhere to the highest quality of industry standards. PETC provides technicians with hands-on training, specialized skills, and the opportunity to enter an innovative workforce. Upon completion, students will be proficient in the proper use of various electrical wiring tools, identification of essential component parts, and the methodology of crimping. 

Course Content Includes:

  • History of connectors and wire termination tooling
  • Connector, contact, and terminal identification
  • Crimping methodology
  • Tool identification, assembly, and operation
  • Installation and removal of mil-spec contacts
  • Equipment maintenance, calibration, and verification

"It's more than just learning one discipline, it's giving individuals the skills they need to make a positive impact on their community, our economy, and their family's future."

Additional Tool Kits Ideal for Training

DMC offers many EWIS tool kits. Some kits are designed for the maintenance of a specific platform while others are designed around a connector series. The following tool kits provide a wide range of tooling and are suitable for training programs. These kits do not come with curriculumn. For a comprehensive program and training kit, please inquire on the NC3 Precision Electrical Termination Certification shown above.

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