Calibration & Repair

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation® understands the importance of maintaining the accuracy of your tools. To best support the high-reliability industries we serve, calibration and repair services are offered for a variety of our tools and tool kits.

To have your DMC® tool calibrated or repaired, please complete the appropriate repair form below. In an effort to minimize downtime, we ask that all tools submitted to DMC for calibration/repair, include a payment method. You will be notified in advance if additional fees apply.

Our quality systems meet the requirements of ISO9001:2015/ AS9100:2016 REVD. Our metrology system is maintained according to ANSI/NCSL Z540. 3-2006 and ISO 10012 and uses test equipment and materials traceable to N.I.S.T.

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2023 Pricing

Part Number Description Repair (Includes Calibration) Calibration Only
AF, AFM, MH, M, GS, LH8 4-Indent Manual Crimp Tool $170.00 $100.00
WA22, WA27 4-Indent Pneumatic Crimp Tool $550.00 $100.00
WA23 Only 4-Indent Heavy Duty Pneumatic Crimp Tool $625.00 $100.00
HX3, HX4, UDT3, UDT4 Open Frame Manual Crimp Tool $165.00 $100.00
HX23, PHX3, HX33 Open Frame Pneumatic Crimp Tool $895.00 $100.00
GMT Open Frame Manual Crimp Tool $105.00 $100.00
PMT Open Frame Pneumatic Crimp Tool $425.00 $100.00
DBS Manual Banding Tool $315.00 $100.00
PBT/PMBT Pneumatic Banding Tool $620.00 $100.00
HD36, HD51, HD120 Hydraulic Crimp Tool $520.00 $100.00
AFE8B, HXE4C, HDE36C, HDE51C, HDE120C Battery Crimp Tool $615.00 $100.00
EMC3300 Electromechanical Crimp Tool $505.00 X
SCT/SCTR Safe-T-Cable™ Tool $175.00 $100.00
SCT/SCTR Safe-T-Cable™ Tool w/Nose Replacement $370.00 $100.00
SCTP/SCTPR/SCTPRM Pneumatic Safe-T-Cable™ Tool $350.00 $100.00
SCTP/SCTPR/SCTPRM Pneumatic Safe-T-Cable™ Tool w/Nose Replacement $550.00 $100.00
SCTE/SCTH Hydraulic Safe-T-Cable™ Tool $505.00 $100.00
SCTE/SCTH Hydraulic Safe-T-Cable™ Tool w/Nose Replacement $700.00 $100.00
PT, HPT, MPT, RTCG, DBS-CG4D Tensile & Retention Tester X $245.00
DBS-CG1, TST Calibration Fixture Kit $360.00 X
DBS-CG2, -CG3, -CG7, -CG8 Calibration Fixture Kit $235.00 $100.00
TSK Twist-Strip™ Tool $225.00 $100.00
WSP Pneumatic Wire Stripper $340.00 X
ST825 Swaging Tool $695.00 $100.00
BT-ST-701 Torque Meter $240.00 X
HPU Hydraulic Pump $425.00 $100.00
PA9 Pump $360.00 X
DLT-1100 LaceLok® Installation Tool $160.00 X

Repairs will not begin until we receive your purchase order or credit card information. You will be notified in advance if additional fees apply.

Please contact us to inquire about the calibration or repair of tools not listed above.

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