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Connector Assembly Tools


DMC’s comprehensive line of connector assembly tools are used to insert and remove contacts, verify their retention, and hold connectors while installing backshell, strain-relief, or EMI/RFI shielding. A variety of I/R tools have been designed to accommodate hundreds of connectors including mil-spec circular connectors. Probe, tweezer, and plier-style I/R tools are available in both plastic and metal allowing operators to properly install or remove contacts without damage. Contact retention tools allow for in-house quality assurance tests to check the retention of contacts within the connector. Adaptor tools offer an improved method for holding connectors while assembling and torquing backshells. Our adaptor tools are configured to mate with specific connector series and shell sizes regardless of the keying arrangement. DMC offers multiple tools used to terminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) bands onto connector assemblies. Jam nut sockets are used for the installation of jam nut connectors and are an excellent choice for OEM assembly areas. Additional tools including wrenches, pliers, and vises extend DMC’s connector assembly capabilities.

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