Battery Powered Open Frame Crimp Tool with a Pre-Tensioned Pushrod - 1.5 Ton

Smart Crimping Made Simple

This new crimp tool from DMC® offers next-generation, high-tech features allowing you to track tool performance, users, and projects. Crimp data is viewable in real-time or can be downloaded via an app.

  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Innovative LED display
  • Tracks Number and Quality of Crimps
  • Improved Housing Construction


The HXE4AC Battery Powered Crimp Tool is a handheld, self-contained crimp tool intended to crimp copper and aluminum cable #26 to #10 AWG with DMC "Y" Dies (M22520/5-XX and others).


This tool is equipped with a pre-tensioned pushrod to hold the product in the crimping position (spring-loaded closed) without operator assistance.


Dies in various crimp patterns are also available for insulated and uninsulated terminal lugs, wire splices, and end caps relating to AS7928, MS17143, MS25036, MS25181, MS27429, MS25274, MS20659, M81824, MS21003 through MS21015, and commercial part numbers.  Several power contacts too large for conventional hand tools are also covered by interchangeable dies for the HXE4B.


Hexagonal crimp dies are available in a variety of combinations having single, double, and even triple cavity design.  These dies accommodate most coaxial and shielded connectors and contacts conforming to MIL-PRF-39012, AS39029, and numerous proprietary configurations.



The HXE4C meets the requirements of RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.


Ergonomic design allows one-handed operation
Die automatically opens when crimp is complete
Die can be retracted in mid-cycle to adjust connector
Head rotates 350 degrees
Red LED to display the current status of the unit


#26 to #10 AWG
Max. Crimp Force: 1.5 Tons (13.3 kN)
Avg. Crimp Time: 2 seconds
Avg. Crimps per Charge: 150 (Approx 300 with Extended Life Battery)


Length: 15.4" (391 mm)
Width: 2.9" (74 mm)
Depth: 4.5" (114.3 mm)
Weight (with battery): 3.95 lb (1.79 kg)
Sound Level: 75 db(A) at 1 meter
Vibration: <8.2 ft/s2 (2.5 m/s2)
Hydraulic Oil: Shell Tellus® T-15


Carrying Case
Two 18v, 1.5 A Batteries
One Battery Charger

18 VDC, Lithium Ion, 1.5 AMP
Charging Time: 22 minutes
2 batteries are included with each new tool


18 VDC, Lithium Ion, 3.0 AMP
Charging Time: 30 minutes


120 VAC  P/N:  HDE-120AC-A
230 VAC  P/N:  HDE-230AC-A


120 VAC  P/N:  HDE-LI-120C
230 VAC  P/N:  HDE-LI-230C

More Information
Crimp ApplicationsMachined Contacts, Insulated Terminals, Uninsulated Terminals, Splices, Coax Connectors & HEX, Stamped & Formed Contacts
Crimp Tool TypeHX Tools
Power TypeBattery
Shipping Weight35
Data Sheet (1.04 MB)
Sales Literature (508.71 kB)
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