Open Frame Pneumatic Crimp Machine for Use with Interchangable Y Dies
  • Covers wires between 24-10 AWG
  • Accommodates interchangeable "Y" dies
  • Operates on standard shop air (80-120 PSI)
  • Compact design
The HX33 benchtop pneumatic crimp tool is an alternative to the handheld HX4 crimp tool. It covers a wire range of 24 – 10 AWG and operates on dry standard shop air between 80-120 psi. The HX33 is compatible with most interchangeable “Y” dies that produce various crimp patterns including hex, nest and indent, B crimps, crescents, and more. This tool is designed to crimp insulated/non-insulated terminals, splices, and coax connectors. The HX33 comes with a foot pedal that is used to activate the jaws of the tool. The HX33 has an Emergency Release Button to open the tools in the event of blocked jaws caused by operation, handling errors, or wrongly placed terminals.


Dimensions: 11.8”L x 4.9”W x 10.2”H

Weight With Foot Pedal: 32lbs

Crimp Force: @90PSI / 4000lb

More Information
Crimp ApplicationsMachined Contacts, Insulated Terminals, Uninsulated Terminals, Splices, Coax Connectors & HEX, Stamped & Formed Contacts
Crimp Tool TypeHX Tools
Power TypePneumatic
Shipping Weight42
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