Electromechanical Crimp Tool

EMC3300 Battery Powered Crimp Tool

• Advanced Ergonomic Tool Design with “Safe Distance” Trigger Closing Control
• Pre-Clamp Function to Improve Cycle-Time and Quality
• Crimp Cycle Time is 1.3 Seconds
• 250 Crimps per Charge
• Li-Ion 10.8 Volt Battery and Charger
• Built-in LED Light
• Data Retrieval Available


Tool kit consists of a molded case, one battery, and a charger. 



EMC3300-230: Optional 220-240 Volt Charger and 1 Battery

HDE-MBC110: 110-120 Volt Charger Only

HDE-MBC230: 220-240 Volt Charger Only

HDE-MBP108:  10.8V Battery only

HDE-USB:  USB Adapter Module


Dies are sold separately.



EMC-101D:  W, R, B, Y Insulated Spare Wire Caps
EMC-102D:  R, B, Y Insulated Terminals
EMC-102DL:  Same as EMC-102D plus Locator
EMC-106D:  .042 sq, .128 hex, .178 hex
EMC-108D:  .068 sq, .213 hex, .255 hex
EMC-117D:  .128 hex, .178 hex, .213 hex, .255 hex
EMC-129D:  M81824/1-X splices (comparable to M22520/37-01)
EMC-1005D:  Uninsulated Terminals 10-22AWG (comparable to TE49935)
EMC-1006D:  High Temp Uninsulated Terminals 10-22AWG (comparable to TE46447)

This tool can accommodate some die sets which are supplied by connector sources. Consult DMC® for details.

More Information
Crimp ApplicationsInsulated Terminals, Uninsulated Terminals, Splices, Stamped & Formed Contacts
Crimp Tool TypeDCT/EMC Tools
Power TypeBattery
Shipping Weight6
Data Sheet (453.19 kB)
Sales Literature (570.17 kB)
Envelope Drawing (132.90 kB)
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