DMC2271 Wiring System Service Kit for F-16 Block 70 & All Prior Variants

DMC® Tool Kits have provided complete wire harness solutions for mission-critical, high performance industries including military and commercial aviation for over 70 years. Equipped with the highest quality tools qualified to meet military specifications for stripping, crimping, and terminating wire; our tool kits offer a unique advantage that takes the guesswork out of producing superior wire harnesses.



Lockheed 16VE049XXXX    Wafer Connectors
Lockheed C4937    Relay Sockets
Lockheed 16VH019    
Lockheed C8804-X    RF Coaxial
Lockheed C8825-X    RF Coaxial
Lockheed C8826-X    RF Coaxial
Lockheed C8827-X    RF Coaxial
Lockheed C8828    RF Coaxial
Lockheed C8830-X    RF Coaxial
Lockheed C8838-X    RF Coaxial
Lockheed C8829-X    Grounding Junction Splices
Lockheed C8713-X    Terminal Junction Splices
Lockheed C4812-X    Splices
Lockheed C8831    
Lockheed C8806    
Lockheed M539: Octax    (Lockheed C21061 & C21080/ C21063 & C21081)

Lockheed M539: Quadrax    (Lockheed C21069X)
Lockheed M539: Glenair       Mighty Mouse
AS50151    3450
AS81511    4
MIL-DTL-24308    D-Subminiature
MIL-DTL-26482    2
MIL-DTL-38999    1, 2, 3
MIL-DTL-83723    3
MIL-DTL-83733    Rectangular
MIL-PRF-39012    RF Coaxial
MS25036    Insulated Terminals
Deutsch    DS, RSM/RTK Series
Glenair     Mighty Mouse
Trompeter    70 & 155 Series

More Information
Aircraft/Vehicle ManufacturerLockheed Martin
# of Cases2
Case MaterialHigh Performance Plastic
Case TypeWheeled Case
Shipping Weight45|45
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