Stryker IAV (ICV, MGS, RV, MCV-B, CV, FSV, ESV, MEV, ATGM, NBC RV) Wiring System Maintenance Kit

DMC Wiring System Service Kits provide, in a single, well-organized location, the tools necessary to strip, crimp, install and remove the typical contacts and terminals of this wiring system. The DMC1582B kit contains the tooling to connector, contact, and terminal cross-reference information which indicates the particular tool(s) that should be selected to repair a specific connector, contact, or terminal. In addition, the kit also contains illustrated operating instructions for the required tooling.



MIL-C-5015    3450 Series
MIL-C-38999    Series III
MIL-C-26482    Series II
MIL-C-24308    D-Sub Miniature
MS27142    Waterproof Connectors
VG95234    Reverse Bayonet connectors
Deutsch    BVD Series

More Information
Vehicle ManufacturerGeneral Dynamics
# of Cases2
Case MaterialHigh Performance Plastic
Case TypeCarry Case
Shipping Weight35|35
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