HD51 Hydraulic Tool Kit for Insulated Terminals & Splices

DMC1247 Hydraulic 6 Ton Crimping Tool Kit for Insulated Terminals & Splices.

The DMC1247 Tool Kit is designed for crimping insulated terminals and splices size 8 through 4.

DMC’s HD51 Medium Duty Hydraulic Crimper is the most popular hand operated hydraulic crimper. The tool is still lightweight at 4.6 pounds, but the 6 tons of die force and the larger die configuration extends the range of crimping capabilities to 2/0 AWG conductors in many applications.  The HD51 Hydraulic Crimper utilizes rugged construction, lightweight materials, and comfortable handle grips for the best ergonomic advantage.

In addition, the DMC1247 kit contains illustrated operating instructions for all the tooling included.

More Information
Crimp ApplicationsMachined Contacts, Insulated Terminals, Splices, Coax Connectors & HEX, Stamped & Formed Contacts
Crimp Tool TypeHD Tools
Power TypeManual
Shipping Weight24
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