One-Step Banding Tool for .125 Wide Stamped EMI/RFI Shield Bands (M81306/1B)
Mil P/N
  • Hand Operated

EMI/RFI Band Application System for M85049/128 Shield Termination Bands.



The One-Step Band Application Tools are built to SAE AS81306/1 specifications and designed to install M85049/128-3, M85049/128-4, M85049/128-7, and M85049/128-8 “stamped buckle” bands. These tools are constructed to survive the demands of production and
maintenance use, and remain precisely adjusted to provide a quality band termination.


The tension-lock system gives the operator a positive indication when the precise tension has been applied. The cut-off handle easily cuts, bends, and locks the shield band in one step.


DBS-2200 .125 Wide Mini-Band Application Tool

• Size and Weight:  6.71” x 6.75” x .92”
• Weight:  1.02 lbs.
• Tension Range: 75–85 lbs.


DBS-2200-BRK: Cut-off blade is replaceable. Contact DMC to order a replacement blade.


Field Verification Inspection Gages are available to check the tension of the DMC One-Step Band Tools. These gages have a
precise compression mechanism that has a sequence of indicators to verify that the applied tension is within the specified range for the band which is being applied. It is recommended to check the tension periodically, and if it needs adjustment, the instructions and accessories are provided by DMC for that purpose. The .125 width band tool (DBS-2200 Series) requires the DBS-CG8 (M81306/1D) gage.


DMC also offers an Electronic Calibration Instrument for Calibration Laboratory operations. The Part Number DBS-CG4D Electronic Calibration Instrument will allow the operator to gage the exact tension produced by the tool, and therefore, one instrument can be used with either the .250 band width tool, or the .125 band width tool.

Sold with banding calibration certificate (calibration with reading) traceable to NIST. Additional calibration certificates can be purchased using the dropdown option above.

More Information
QualificationMil-Spec/AS Qualified
Band TypeStamped
Band Width0.125
Power TypeManual
Shipping Weight2
Envelope Drawing (175.08 kB)
Data Sheet (3.53 MB)
Banding Literature (674.47 kB)
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