Aerospace Maintenance Competition 2024

DMC is excited to join the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) as we celebrate our 5th year of participation. This year we will unveil a new event named Tooling for Harness Assembly that will showcase many of our product lines including crimping, Safe-T-Cable®, and our newest product, LaceLok®. Please check back often as the resources provided below may vary.

Event Description

This event will test each participant’s skill in repairing and securing a wire harness. Contestants will remove one wire and properly terminate contacts on a new pre-stripped wire. They will be responsible for assembling the turret head onto the crimp tool and adjusting the tool and accessory to the correct setting. Next, they will insert the new wire into both connectors and test if they are properly inserted. Contestants will then secure the wire bundle using the LaceLok tool. Finally, contestants will verify the calibration of the Safe-T-Cable tool using the verification block and apply Safe-T-Cable to secure the jam nut on one connector.

Event Instructions

  1. Use the removal tool to remove a wire and contact from each connector.
  2. Terminate a contact onto each end of a new piece of wire. Ensure the crimp tool and turret are set to the appropriate settings.
  3. Use the insertion tool to insert the newly terminated wire into the connectors.
  4. Use the contact retention tester to check that both contacts are properly seated in the connectors.
  5. Starting 2 inches away from the connectors, apply (5) LaceLok at even intervals.
  6. Check the calibration of the Safe-T-Cable tool with the provided verification equipment (verification block, torque wrench, and push force tester).
  7. Use the Safe-T-Cable tool to secure the jam nut on one connector. Contestants will utilize elongated ferrules. Be sure the chamfered end is against the ferrule. *Teams will receive a bonus for a second correctly installed piece of Safe-T-Cable.*
  8. Dispose of FOD in the white tray and finish the competition by returning all tools to their original position, including zeroing out the torque wrench.


Event Overview Video

Insertion & Removal Tools

Tool & Equipment List

  • SCTD0001 Torque Wrench
  • SCTD013 Push Force Tester
  • 45-6N Safe-T-Cable Cutters
  • M22759/34-16-9 28” Pre-stripped Wire
  • M39029/32-247 Contacts
  • MS3124F20-16S Connectors

Event Floor Plan

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation - Tooling for Harness Assembly: Event #18

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