Compliance and Quality


DMC is committed to satisfying customer, and other requirements, as applicable, while delivering our products on time, and continually improving the Quality Management System to provide world class tooling solutions for the aerospace, military, transporation, and electronics industry. 


ISO9001: 2015/ AS9100D


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is in conformance with the ISO9001:2015/AS9100D.


Conflict Minerals

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) does NOT use any “Conflict Minerals” in the manufacture of our products. Conflict Minerals


FAR Compliance 


FAR 52.204-25:Daniels Manufacturing Corporation does not and will not use/rely on/supply prohibited telecommunications and video surveillance services or equipment.


FAR 52.222-21: Daniels Manufacturing Corporation does not and will not maintain or provide segregated facilities for its employees.


FAR 52.222-25: Daniels Manufacturing Corporation has developed and has on file Affirmative Action Programs.


FAR 52.222-22 / FAR 52.222-26: Daniels Manufacturing Corporation has participated and has filed the necessary requirements subject to the Equal Opportunity Clause.


FAR 52.219-1:Daniels Manufacturing Corporation:

  1. Is a small business concern
  2. Is not a small disadvantaged concern
  3. Is not a woman owned small business concern
  4. Is a veteran owned small business concern
  5. Is not a service-disabled veteran owned small business concern
  6. Is not listed as a Hub-Zone small business concern.


FAR 52.209-5: Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is not presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, or declared ineligible for award under Federal contracts.


FAR 52.222-50 Combating Trafficking in Persons: Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is compliant in accordance with this reference.


DFARS 252.225-7008 and 225.225-7009: Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is compliant in accordance with this reference.

FAR Compliance


Eu RoHS Compliance


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) manufactures hand and power assist tools, installing and removal tools, backshell adapters and accessories, Safe-T-Cable products and Alphatron tensile tester, all of which comply with European Union RoHS. Eu RoHS Compliance


Reach Compliance


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) confirms that none of the 201 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) on the Reach Candidates List are used in the manufacturing, fabrication or packaging of any of our products. Reach Compliance




Certificate of Conformance


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation certifies that documentary evidence in the form of test reports for raw material and inspection records for all manufacturing processes indicating conformance to applicable specifications are on file and available for review, by appointment, at its home office.


The parts so submitted meet dimensional, functional and quality requirements as covered by the applicable purchase order, part number and/or specifications.DMC also certifies its compliance with DFARS 252.225.7014 plus Alternate I. A standard Certificate of Conformance is printed on the back of invoices and packing lists. There will be an additional charge for additional and/or non-standard Certificates of Conformance.


Certificate of Calibration/Inspection

Calibration of Daniels Manufacturing Corporation's inspection measuring and test equipment is in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994. The quality system meets ISO9001:2015/AS9100 Rev. D. The accuracy of inspection gaging equipment and measuring standards used in the calibration and/or testing is traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation operates under a government approved (DCASR-ATL-OQOA) single standard quality control system. A documented recall system is in place to address any M&TE or measurement standard found to be significantly out-of-tolerance.


Unless otherwise specified in the contract requirements, the collective uncertainty of the measurement standards shall not exceed 25 percent of the acceptable tolerance for the characteristic being calibrated. Environmental controls have been applied to the extent necessary to assure continued measurements of required accuracy, giving due consideration to temperature (73 +/- 4 degrees), humidity (45% +/- 10%), cleanliness and other controllable factors. Compensating corrections shall be applied to calibration results in an environment which departs from acceptable conditions.


All supporting records and reports are available for review, by appointment, at our manufacturing facilities.


California Proposition 65 (1986) 


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) manufactures hand and power assisted tools, installing and removal tools, BETA adapters and accessories, Safe-T-Cable products, Twist-Strip wire preparation tools, and Alphatron tensile testers, all of which comply with California Proposition 65 (1986).


California Proposition 65


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) manufactures hand and power assisted tools, installing and removal tools, BETA adapters and accessories, Safe-T-Cable products, Twist-Strip wire preparation tools, and Alphatron tensile testers, all of which comply with California Propostion 65 (1986). 



GIDEP Safe-Alert


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) recently initiated a GIDEP (Government Industry Data Exchange Program) Safe-Alert on two companies that supply counterfeit copies of DMC’s Mil-Spec M22520 crimp tools. The GIDEP organization is a government run data exchange program comprising members from both government and commercial organizations.


In an effort to clarify the “Suspect Counterfeit” Safe-Alert report that DMC initiated on 8/7/2017 to GIDEP please review the following FAQ:


What is GIDEP? GIDEP is a cooperative activity between government and industry participants seeking to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources by sharing technical information. Since 1959, over $2.1 BILLION in prevention of unplanned expenditures has been reported.


Who can be a Member?

  • U.S. or Canadian industrial organization who supplies items or services (directly or indirectly) to the U.S. Government or to the Canadian Department of Defense.
  • U.S. or Canadian government department, agency or activity.
  • Licensed U.S. Public Utility Company.


What is a Safe-Alert? A Safe-Alert is a reporting method for “suspect counterfeit” parts and components.


Who can see a Safe-Alert? Any GIDEP member.


Can Safe-Alerts be shared with non-GIDEP members? No, we are not authorized to share this with any non-GIDEP member.


Who initiated the Safe-Alert? DMC initiated the Safe-Alert on two Chinese companies (Iwiss and Precise Tool) that are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit, non-qualified MIL-SPEC M22520 tools.


Why did DMC initiate this Safe-Alert? DMC has been committed to providing the highest quality, USA made, MIL-SPEC crimp tooling for over 65 years. Our products are used in virtually every product or service that involves High Reliability Wiring Systems. Our tools are tested to the highest industry standards as required by our customers. We take this responsibility very seriously and feel that it is our responsibility to alert the users of our products when there is a counterfeit product that may not meet or has not adhered to the similar testing and quality assurances.


How do you know if the product you have is an authentic DMC/OEM tool? The customer should look for the Daniels Manufacturing Corporation label, Made in USA and engraved cage code on the tool frame. (See images in attached documents)


Is this limited to M22520 Mil-Spec tools? The current Safe-Alerts are limited to the M22520 and does not include other product lines. However, the user should verify that they have authentic DMC products.


Who should be contacted at DMC for more information? John Santana, 407-855-6161,


What should you do if you have counterfeit product? Please alert Kevin Rickard,, or Steven Fagan at NAVAIR the Qualifying Activity (QA) for M22520 and Daniels Manufacturing Corporation.