Save Time and Money by Replacing Your Old Lockwire System with Safe-T-Cable® 




    Adjustable Tension Hand Tool Series


    The most popular hand operated application tool for Safe-T-Cable® is the SCTR Series Adjustable Tension Tool.


    This tool series features a rotary tension mechanism which can be adjusted to precise cable tension requirements. This is a necessary control feature and very popular with all users. The tension will repeat at the setting that has been selected for reliable Safe-T-Cable® installations. Like all DMC Safe-T-Cable® tools, this tool series features replaceable noses of various lengths

    SCTR203.0223 inches
    SCTR207.0227 inches
    SCTR323.0323 inches
    SCTR327.0327 inches
    SCTR403.0403 inches
    SCTR407.0407 inches


    Pre-Set Tension Hand Tool Series


    In some factories where control of tool adjustments are not possible, the skill level may be lacking, or appli­cations where a single-handed operation of the tool is desirable, the SCT Series Application Tool may be the best choice. All tools in this series feature a tension mechanism, which allows ­single-handed use of the tool (after the cable is threaded through and into the tool). Multiple actuations of the tool handle will draw the cable into the tool until all slack is removed from the cable.


    When the tool senses the correct tension (pre-set at the ­factory), it will shift into the crimp-cut mode, and complete the installation of the Safe-T-Cable® on the next closure of the handle.


    SCT203.0223 inches
    SCT207.0227 inches
    SCT323.0323 inches
    SCT327.0327 inches
    SCT403.0403 inches
    SCT407.0407 inches


    Pneumatic Tool Series


    When ergonomics and production demands are critical issues, the DMC SCTPR and SCTP Series Pneumatic tools are the right choice.


    Safe-T-Cable® is threaded through the fasteners, into the ferrule, and into the tool in the same fashion as the manual tools, but the push of a button is all that is necessary to complete the termination. The tool automatically applies tension (adjustable), crimps and cuts flush in one actuation of the trigger. These tools operate on standard shop air pressure, and may be suspended from a load balancer for an even greater improvement in ergonomics.

    SCTPR203.0223 inches
    SCTPR207.0227 inches
    SCTPR323.0323 inches
    SCTPR327.0327 inches
    SCTPR403.0403 inches
    SCTPR407.0407 inches


    Battery Powered Tool Series


    The DMC SCTE Series Battery Powered Safe-T-Cable® tool is an ergonomic alternative to the other Safe-T-Cable®Application Tools where a portable tool, without a hose or cord is required.


    The self-contained hydraulic crimp system is reliable and the tool accommodates the same changeable noses and other accessories that are interchangeable with other DMC Safe-T-Cable® Application Tools.


    SCTE203B.0203 inches
    SCTE207B.0207 inches
    SCTE323B.0323 inches
    SCTE327B.0327 inches
    SCTE403B.0403 inches
    SCTE407B.0407 inches
    SCTE625B.0625 inches
    SCTE629B.0629 inches


    Complete Tool & Parts Kits for Safe-T-Cable® Applications


    Our Safe-T-Cable® tool kits are well-known throughout the aerospace industry. The packaging materials (case, inset, and instructions) are manufactured to specifically meet the most demanding environmental and worksite conditions.


    FOD (Foreign Object Damage) is always a concern when workers are required to use tools and small components in or around an aircraft.  The DMC Safe-T-Cable® kits are designed to minimize that concern.  The "shadowing" principal is a proven concept for tool/parts control.  Safe-T-Cable® Tool and Parts Kits are available in a variety of configurations to support your specific requirements.  Out most requested Tool & Parts Kit is the DMC1000-4R (pictured) due to the popularity of .032 diameter Safe-T-Cable®, and the demand for a travel-ready system whereby the user has Tools, Verification Equipment, Accessories, a supply of Cable/Ferrules, and the Instructions all in one package.

    DMC1001.022.022 SAFE-T-CABLE TOOL KIT5180-01-492-2670
    DMC1001-7.022.022 SAFE-T-CABLE TOOL KIT 
    DMC1000-4.032.032 SAFE-T-CABLE TOOL KIT 
    DMC1000-4R.032.032 SAFE-T-CABLE ROTARY TOOL KIT5180-01-586-3020
    DMC1000-11.040.040 SAFE-T-CABLE TOOL KIT 
    DMC1000-11R.040.040 SAFE-T-CABLE ROTARY TOOL KIT5120-01-449-2669
    DMC1000-20.022/.032.022/.032 SAFE-T-CABLE TOOL KIT 
    DMC1000-20R.022/.032.022/.032 SAFE-T-CABLE TOOL KIT5180-01-550-2331
    DMC1000-625.062.062 SAFE-T-CABLE TOOL KIT 
    DMC1007-28R.022/.032/.040.022/.032/.040 ROTARY SAFE-T-CABLE TOOL KIT 

    * Additional/Custom Safe-T-Cable® Tool Kits available. Consult DMC for more information