Turrets and Positioners for Indent Crimp Tools


For proper operation, the tool must be mated with one of the following optional accessories: a military standard or non-military turret head (TH-XXX Part No. Series), a military standard or non-military positioner (TP-XXX Part No. Series), or an adjustable positioner** (Part No. UH2-5).


This is done simply by orienting the head in the keyed position, and by tightening the hex socket screws provided as part of the head. The precision ratchet controls cycling of the tool in both directions of handle movement. This assures the same accurate crimp every time. It’s like having a quality control inspector at every work station. 


A permanent dataplate is affixed to all turret heads and positioners. This plate lists specific contact part numbers, the corresponding position color code (for 3 position turret heads), and suggested selector depth settings for the wire size being used.

M22520/1-01 AF8 TOOL FRAME 5120-01-335-8571
M22520/1-02 TH1A TURRET 5120-01-335-8834
M22520/1-03 TH4 TURRET 5120-01-335-8835
M22520/1-04 TH163 TURRET 5120-01-335-8836
M22520/1-05 UH2-5 ADJUSTABLE POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8583
M22520/1-06 TP45 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8584
M22520/1-07 TP85 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8585
M22520/1-08 TH199S TURRET 5120-01-335-8837
M22520/1-09 TP360 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8586
M22520/1-10 TP365 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8587
M22520/1-11 TP465 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8588
M22520/1-12 TH270 TURRET 5120-01-335-8838
M22520/1-13 TH285 TURRET 5120-01-335-8839
M22520/1-14 TH286 TURRET 5120-01-335-8840
M22520/1-15 TP485 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8589
M22520/1-16 TP513 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8590
M22520/1-17 TP651 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8591
M22520/1-18* TH343 TURRET  
M22520/3-1 G125 GAGE 5220-01-329-6002
  DMC1186 M22520/1 TOOL KIT  

*QPL in Progress