GMT Series Crimp Tools


DMC provides custom and standard crimp tools manufactured to OEM connector supplier or user requirmets. 


Numerous applications such as open barrel (stamped and formed) contacts, insulated and non-insulated terminals, splices, end caps, coaxial connectors, and wire fittings of all types are covered by these tools. The rugged construction of this tool assures repeatability and long life cycle. You can rely on DMC experience for quality and cost effective performance. GMT General Purpose Tools: Many standard OEM applications are covered by the GMT general purpose tool series. The jaws are fixed, and the locator (where used) is configured to hold the contacts precisely in the correct location for optimum crimping.

N/A GMT201 GMTE201B PMT201 Molex .093” Dia, Contacts Accm.  1189-1190, 1380-1381, 1450-1451, 1589-1590.  N/A -
N/A GMT202 GMTE202B PMT202 Molex .093” Dia, Contacts Accm.  1560-1561, 1786-1787 N/A -
N/A GMT203 GMTE203B PMT203 Molex .156” KK Trifurcon Series, Contacts Accm.  2477-2478,2870-2871 N/A -
N/A GMT204 GMTE204B PMT204 Molex .093” Dia Clapscon Series, Contacts Accm. 1433-1434,6893-6894 N/A -
N/A GMT206 GMTE206B PMT206 ITT Cannon Zif Connector, Series DL, Contacts Accm.   030-2064-010,014,028 N/A  
N/A GMT208 GMTE208B PMT208 Tyco Multimate Type III+ Series. Contacts Accm. 66099,66101,66103,66105,66107,66109,66646,66589,66590,66593,66596,66237,66242,66306,66311 N/A -
N/A GMT209 GMTE209B PMT209 Elco 60-8017-0313. Contatcs Accm. Z841-Z842,60-8017-0313 N/A -
N/A GMT211 GMTE211B PMT211 Tyco PCB Terminals and Disconnects,
.058” dia. Contacts Accm. 60983,60789
N/A -
N/A GMT220 GMTE220B PMT220 Tyco Type XI Contacts Accm.  203802,203816,203874,203875 N/A -
N/A GMT221 GMTE221B PMT221 Rockwell Collins Thin-Line I & II. Contacts Accm. 372-2514-080,372-2514-010 N/A G648
N/A GMT225 GMTE225B PMT225 Tyco AMP MOD U Series
Type MOD IV Contacts Accm. 86015,86016,87045-87046, MP2500,MT2500
N/A -
N/A GMT226 GMTE226B PMT226

Tyco Amplimite Series, Size 20DF,

Contacts Accm. 66504-66507


N/A -
N/A GMT230 GMTE230B PMT230

Tyco AMP MOD U Series
Type IV, IV1/2 & V

Contacts Accm. 87045-87046,87522-87523,87309-87110,87195,87313 


N/A -
M22520/37-01 GMT232 GMTE232B PMT232 M81824/1-X Splices Tyco (Raychem) “Mini-Seal”
Environmental Splices (26-20, 20-16, 16-12)
M22520/39-01 G411
N/A GMT241 GMTE241B PMT241 Tyco CPC Series, Size 20DF, Contacts Accm. 205201-205202,205310-205311 N/A -
N/A GMT245 GMTE245B PMT245 Tyco Mate-N-Lok Series 60620
and 60619
N/A -
N/A GMT247 GMTE247B PMT247 ITT Cannon D-Sub Economy
Standard Size 20, Contacts Accm. D1100238-34,35
N/A -
N/A GMT248 GMTE248B PMT248 Comparable to Pyle-National TP-201389
(w/ Cutter)
N/A -
N/A GMT260 GMTE260B PMT260 ITT Cannon DL Series ZIF Contacts Accm. 030-2064-028/031
N/A -
N/A GMT262 GMTE262B PMT262 Tyco Amp-TAB Series
66168, 66143, 66169, 66144
N/A -
N/A GMT263 GMTE263B PMT263 Teradyne 600-0026-000 I/O Series, Contacts Accm. 001-6500-51 N/A -
M22520/38-01 GMT277 GMTE277B PMT277 MS20659 Uninsulated Ring terminals size 22 through 10 and MS25486 external power plug socket contact size 12 (Supersedes M22520/24-01)   G713
N/A GMT286 GMTE286B PMT286 Tyco Contact Accm.  925576 N/A -
N/A GMT295 GMTE295B PMT295 Tyco Contact Accm. 87165 N/A -
N/A GMT302 GMTE302B PMT302 ITT Cannon CCT-UBC N/A -
N/A GMT309 GMTE309B PMT309 Amp Tyco Tool 144969-2 N/A -
M22520/38-02* GMT333 GMTE333B PMT333 MS20659 Uninsulated Ring terminals size 22 through 10 and MS25486 external power plug socket contact size 12    -
N/A GMT1005 GMTE1005B PMT1005 Uninsulated Terminals
(Tyco Tool 49935)
N/A G739, G740, G741
N/A GMT1006 GMTE1006B PMT1006 TYCO 46447 N/A G327, G328,G329
M22520/44-01 GMT1090 GMTE1090B PMT1090 Tyco Cold Applied Environmental Splice
(26-20, 20-16, 16-12)
M22520/39-03 G1122
M22520/47-01* GMT335 GMTE335B PMT335 Standard Crimp for AS7928/15 Flag Shape Terminals

AS22520/3-26 for Cav. AB

AS22520/3-27 for Cav. C


*QPL in progress