Backshell Accessory Tools


The evolution of circular connectors has produced a multitude of configurations which have more precise dimensional tolerances and electrical characteristics than any other mechanical component used in modern electrical systems. The associated tooling must meet the same level of precision to apply the connector to its intended purpose. Until now, very little attention has been focused on the tooling which is used to mount strain-relief backshells and other accessories to wired connector assemblies.



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Adaptor Tools


This unique concept is based upon adaptor tools that are configured to mate with a specific connector series and shell size regardless of keying arrangement. These adaptors may be used as hand holding devices for easy tightening, or, for more exact requirements, with other DMCtools.


Adaptor Sets- Plugs


Adaptor Sets- Receptacles


Adaptor Tools- Plugs


Adaptor Tools- Receptacles


Jam Nut Sockets


Jam Nut Socket tools were developed specifically for the installation of Jam Nut receptacle connectors. They are available in a durable machined aluminum series and a versatile composite construction. This makes them an excellent choice for OEM assembly areas for their light-weight material, and the non-marking surfaces. The traditional “General Purpose” formed steel sockets are great for non-torque specific jam nut applications.


Jam Nut Socket Set


Jam Nut Sockets- Composite


Jam Nut Sockets- Metal

Strap Wrenches


Strap wrenches which are commercially available for general purpose duty usually have shortcomings when applied to the production or maintenance demands of circular connector work. That was the design consideration of the exceptional strap wrenches offered by DMC. Various strap widths are available from 5/15" to 1" and gripping diameters from 1/2" to 4", the model having 2 1/4" maximum diameter being the most popular.



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Replacement Straps

Circular Ring Pliers


The DRP-XX circular ring pliers are specifically designed to grip circular connector and backshell components which would be deformed by other gripping methods. The non-marring rubber jaw lining material is available in strip form and may be used to replace worn jaw inserts. It is held in place by interlocking fingers, which are molded into the material.



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Assembly Vise


The continuing demands of electrical system designers have imposed such rapid development in the field of interconnection technology that new and different hardware is emerging to meet those demands.  Along with the introduction of these new, and often more complex connectors and accessories, the challenge for versatile and reliable production tooling becomes apparent.


DMC’s assembly station vise provides a reliable and repeatable holding method for countless combinations of connectors and accessories.  The use of removable soft-grip jaw inserts allows the vise to easily accommodate all popular connector diameters.


This is a reliable method of retaining circular parts, which avoids damage to critical platings and retains the circular shape.