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TSK8000 Twist-Strip™


Die, Die Container and Cable Information

Die Container
Showing Cable Part Number specific to Die Set and Recommended Depth settings of cutting blades for "A" and "B" die halves.

Die Set
Showing DMC Part Number


NEMA WC 27500 Shielded & Unshielded Cable Part Numbering System

(Example: M27500-20SB3T23)
Specification Number - Conductor Size

Basic Wire Specification
(See Table Below)

Number of Conductors Shield Description
(See Table Below)
Jacket Type
(See Table Below)


Basic Wire Specifications

Basic Wire Specifications
Insulation Type
Temp Rating
A SAE AS50861/1 PVC/NYLON 150ºC
SB SAE AS22759/32 XLETFE 150ºC
SC SAE AS22759/33 XLETFE 200ºC
SD SAE AS22759/34 XLETFE 150ºC
SE SAE AS22759/35 XLETFE 200ºC
SM SAE AS22759/41 XLETFE 200ºC
SN SAE AS22759/42 XLETFE 200ºC
SP SAE AS22759/43 XLETFE 200ºC
SR SAE AS22759/44 XLETFE 200ºC
SS SAE AS22759/45 XLETFE 200ºC
ST SAE AS22759/46 XLETFE 200ºC
TE SAE AS22759/16 ETFE 150ºC
TG SAE AS22759/18 ETFE 150ºC
MJ SAE AS81044/10 XL/POLY/KNAR 150ºC
MK SAE AS81044/11 XL/POLY/KNAR 150ºC
ML SAE AS81044/12 XL/POLY/KNAR 150ºC
MM SAE AS81044/13 XL/POLY/KNAR 150ºC

Shield Descriptions

Single Shield
Double Shield
Shild Description
Temp Rating
U - Not Shielded -
T V Tin plated copper, round 150ºC
S W Silver plated copper, round 200ºC
N Y Nickel plated copper, round 260ºC
F Z Stainless steel, round 400ºC
C R Nickel clad copper, round 400ºC
M K Silver plated high strength, copper alloy, round 200ºC
P L Nickel plated high strength, copper alloy, round 260ºC


Jacket Type

Single Jacket
Double Jacket
Jacket Material
Temp. Rating
00 00 No Jacket
01 51 Extruded white PVC 90ºC
02 52 Extruded clear nylon 105ºC
03 53 White polymide braid impregnated with clear polymide finisher over a polyester tape 105ºC
04 54 Polyester braid impregnated with high temperature finishers over polyester tape 105ºC
05 55 Extruded clear FEP 200ºC
06 56 Taped PTFE 260ºC
07 57 White taped PTFE 260ºC
08 58 Extruded white irradiated PVDF 150ºC
09 59 Extruded white FEP 200ºC
10 60 Extruded clear PVDF 125ºC
11 61 Wrapped FEP 200ºC
12 62 Tape of natural polymide combined with FEP wrapped and heat sealed 150ºC
14 64 Extruded white ETFE 150ºC
15 65 Extruded clear ETFE 150ºC
16 66 Taped PTFE 200ºC
17 67 Extruded ECTFE 150ºC
18 68 Clear Extruded ECTFE 150ºC
20 70 Extruded white PFA 260ºC
21 71 Extruded clear PFA 260ºC
22 72 Tape of polyimide combined with clear FEP wrapped and heat sealed 200ºC
23 73 Extruded white irradiated ETFE 200ºC
24 74 PTFE wrapped over a tape layer of natural polyimide combined with FEP and heat sealed 200ºC
25 75 Tape layer of white polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) 260ºC
26 76 Extruded, white (XLETFE) 200ºC


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